Camping in Familiar Territory with My Friend Salvador Mourra in Cold Temperatures

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Camping in Familiar Territory with My Friend Salvador Mourra in Cold Temperatures

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:07 pm

The first time I went camping was in the front yard. We did not have a backyard so the only places to came were in the front, or at a friends. My parents would prefer to keep an eye on me so I had to camp in the front. I was thrilled to be able to go camping. My dad let me borrow his 4 person tent and helped me prepare.

I had a water canteen, flashlight, sleeping bag and blanket. The blanket was extra thick since it was cold out. I wanted to build a camp fire but my parents would not let me. My dad helped me put the tent up in the late afternoon. So I was ready with my gear. My friend Salvador Mourra was not able to make it. I got in my tent and was cold so I got in my sleeping bag. I didn't have any games since my dad said a true camper does not have toys. I felt hungry so I went inside and took some cookies from the cookie jar and went back out.

I went back in the cold tent and into the sleeping bag. I had to put the extra blanket on top and started eating my cookies underneath. I still felt cold and only could fathom another few minutes. At that point I gave up on camping and lined for the front door. My friend or his parents were smarter than me. That was my first time outdoor amping and has been the last. The only camping I now do is in the bedroom or camped in front of the TV during football season.


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